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About Us

Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc. has proudly been a family owned and operated business in Clovis, CA since the early 1980's. Jim Crawford Sr. started Crawford Construction more than 30 years ago with a mission to satisfy a wide range of clients. These clients include: General Contracting firms, Developers, Governmental agencies-including School Districts, Cities, Counties, as well as state and federal agencies.

Crawford Construction has been privileged enough to serve Central California and its surrounding communities and has established a great reputation for quality, reliable work. The dedicated, talented individuals who work as a team to complete each task as efficiently and accurately as possible. For thirty-five years, Jim Crawford Construction Co. Inc. with its family of employees, has been working hard to keep costs low for their clients without sacrificing quality on projects.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing quality workmanship, superior service and performance for all our clientele, large or small. We look forward to meeting every challenge presented with a commitment to fulfill every client's needs with the team-spirited and high ethical standards they have come to expect.

Additionally, Jim Crawford Construction Co., Inc. is committed to providing the foundation and opportunities needed for our employees to develop their skills to the fullest potential. Finally, the staff believes in the values this country was founded on. We are focused on leaving a legacy of hardy work, commitment and integrity for future generations to come. 

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